Women's Colleges Receive First in the World Grants

Post date: 10/22/2014

Three women's colleges, Bay Path University, Bryn Mawr College and the College of New Rochelle, were among 24 institutions of higher education to receive Department of Education First in the World Grants in 2014. The First in the World (FITW) Program provides grants to institutions of higher education to spur the development of innovations that improve educational outcomes and make college more affordable for students and families.

From College to Career

Post date: 7/31/2014

Women's colleges offer unlimited career possibilities, and the Class of 2014 reflects those possibilities in the wide variety of jobs they have accepted. 

The Sum of All Salaries

Post date: 9/16/2013

The most pernicious movement yet to afflict higher education with the curse of metrics over mission is the eruption of studies and websites purporting to measure the value of a college education through the salaries of our graduates.