Women's Colleges Recognized as Economically Diverse

Post date: 9/11/2014

Women’s colleges were in the news when two, Smith College (ranked #4) and Saint Mary’s College (ranked #8) were recognized by the New York Times as some of the most economically diverse top colleges in the country.  They were joined by Barnard, Wellesley and Bryn Mawr in the top fifty.

Women’s colleges have educated a higher percentage of low-income, racially diverse and first-generation students than traditional co-ed colleges and universities, public or private, for more than a decade.

Over-Reaching on Undermatching

Post date: 1/22/2014

“Undermatching" is the latest buzzword to afflict higher education, a theory that "high achieving low income" students should choose only elite or "competitive" colleges and universities instead of the often-local institutions that serve low income students in large numbers. Skim the best off the top, the theory seems to say, and they will do very well. Heck with the rest!