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 I am a PLEA major, an interdisciplinary major in political, legal and economic analysis, with an emphasis in economics and minors in mathematics and Asian studies. I was always interested in economics and international relations, so I was very happy to find an interdisciplinary major where I could learn about both of my favorite subjects and still have time to study abroad. People often ask why I chose to double minor instead of double majoring. Even though my minors won't be showcased on my diploma, they are fields of study I have always wanted to learn more about, I have made great friends with the professors in those fields, and it's something that's right for me.

After my first year of college I was accepted into a summer internship program in Washington, DC. It's rare to find a paying internship in Washington, DC, after only one year of college, but I got it! I worked for the US Department of Veterans Affairs in the Intergovernmental Department. When I first arrived in DC, I was quite intimidated, but my bosses quickly taught me there was nothing to fear. They took me to meetings, assigned me important projects to complete, and even took me out to lunch. I also attended special events and got to meet notable people. I couldn't have asked for more from of an internship. Thanks to that experience, I was able to intern for Mills alumna and US Congresswoman Barbara Lee '73 in the fall and volunteer for the Oakland Asian Cultural Center during the spring semester.

Lin Rui Mills College

Mills College

In 1852, two years after California was admitted to statehood, the Young Ladies’ Seminary in Benicia, California was established by nine citizens in what became the state capital. Cyrus and Susan Mills bought the Seminary in 1865 for $5,000, renamed it Mills College, and moved it in 1871 to its current 135-acre oasis. We invite you to take a virtual tour of our campus

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Oakland, California