Kimberly Reeves ‘12

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"Playing a sport at Agnes Scott College allowed me to travel, not only the southeast, but also the northeast, midwest, and west coast. But the most important part of my experience playing basketball at the DIII level was my teammates. They will always be a part of me, from my Scottie Sister my first-year to my co-captains my senior year. A little-known fact about the 2011-12 team was their extreme potential to go on tour as the a cappella group, The Scottie Whisperers."

Kimberly Reeves ‘12 Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott College was established in 1889 with a distinctive mission: to educate women for the betterment of their families and the elevation of their region. The college was named in honor of Agnes Irvine Scott, a Scots-Irish immigrant who upheld a strong sense of integrity and intellectual curiosity.


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Decatur, Georgia