Collectif: Examining the Value and Utility of a Women’s College Education in North America

In this third volume of Collectif, the Center for the Advancement of Women at Mount Saint Mary’s University and the Women’s College Coalition come together to investigate questions related to the relevance and utility of women’s universities today.

In this joint edition, researchers from four WCC member institutions investigate the modern “value add” of women’s universities (both qualitatively and quantitatively), showcase specific institutional initiatives that are advancing the gender equity agenda, and promote rigorous conversation on how women’s universities are positively impacting women and girls.

This collection of articles focused on women’s colleges and universities, along with programming specific to women and girls developed in these contexts, suggests that there is significant value in these institutions. We hope this volume will be useful to all who advocate for women’s colleges and universities in conversations with prospective students, donors, employers, and policymakers across North America.

The volume includes the following papers:

1. “Access and Opportunity at American Women’s Colleges: Contemporary Findings” - Kathryn A. E. Enke, PhD, College of Saint Benedict

2. “Research Experiences Kick-Starting Careers: The Next Generation of Scientists Starts Here”, Audrey J. Ettinger, PhD, Jennifer D. Hayden, PhD, K. Joy Karnas, PhD, Cedar Crest College

3. “Who Me? Increasing High School Girls’ Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy, Knowledge and Intentions” - Melissa Jean, MBA, Colleen M. Sharen, MBA, Brescia University College

4. “Exploring Writing Center Work in a Women’s College” - Jonathan M. Green, PhD, Cottey College