About the Women's College Coalition

"The Women’s College Coalition, in concert with its members, transforms the world through the education and success of women and girls."

The Women’s College Coalition – an association of women’s colleges and universities that are two- and four-year, public and private, religiously affiliated and secular – was founded in 1972. This was a time in which the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, and Title IX, as well as demographic and technological changes brought about rapid and complex social and economic change in the United States. Additionally, the landscape of higher education dramatically changed as many previously all-male colleges became coeducational, offering women many more educational options. By the late 1970s, women’s enrollment in college exceeded men’s and, today, women make up the majority of undergraduates (57% nationally) on college campuses. Women earn better college grades than men do, and are more likely than men to complete college.

During the past several years, the Women’s College Coalition engaged in research about the benefits of a women’s college education in the 21st Century. Drawing upon the findings of research conducted by the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and Hardwick~Day on levels of satisfaction among students and alumnae at women’s colleges and coeducational institutions, as well as the Association of American Colleges and Universities, NAICU and others, the Coalition makes the case for women’s education and women’s colleges to prospective students, families, policy and opinion makers, the media, employers and the general public. (To access the current presentation, go to How to Get Your Girls to Consider Women's Colleges: Connecting the Dots…Finding the Right Fit at http://womenscolleges.org/story/research.)

In her book, The Gender Gap In College: Maximizing the Development Potential of Women and Men, Linda Sax writes: "Today – decades after the women’s movement started what became monumental gains for female students in terms of access, equity, and opportunity – the popular notion is that gender equity has been achieved. Although it is easy to view these trends as a clear indication of women’s progress…interpretations of those trends depends on how deeply we look at them."

As the rising generation of students becomes increasingly diverse along dimensions that include age, race and ethnicity, socio-economic status, academic self-confidence and engagement, and college and career aspirations, the Coalition engaged in a strategic planning process, pushing into the tough questions associated with the larger context of women’s education: The pipeline into college, gender and the effect of college, and the pipeline out of college into the family, the workplace of the global economy, and the community.

The Women’s College Coalition enters the second decade of the 21st Century with a bold vision and a new mission statement:

The Women’s College Coalition, in concert with its members, transforms the world through the education and success of women and girls.

To hear recordings and see PowerPoints that were presented at the Coalition’s November 2010 annual meeting – including our strategic plan – click Here.